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Our Story

The Keepsake Farm Story

We are Lyn and Al Kessie, a retired real estate broker/manager and a high school teacher and retired athletic director. And NOW, we are Alpaca Farmers!

I have always been a lover of animals. I was the kid that every stray dog would follow home; this was inevitably succeeded by my parents saying “NO, you can’t keep another one!”  I don’t believe in just one pet ... no, I bring home duplicates or triplicates.  After all, don't they need company of their own kind?  That's my philosophy, anyway!

And NOW ... enter a herd of wonderful, beautiful, friendly alpacas!  After all, what else is a farm for?

Our Alpaca Start

It was a rainy day, and Al was watching his many football games.  Having heard about an Alpaca show, I decided this would be a great time to go to see what it was all about.  Al’s last words to me before I left were, “Don’t come home with any Alpacas!”

As I parked my car I met a gentleman walking into the show, and asked him if he was showing today?  He told me that he owned an alpaca, but that he kept her boarded with the alpaca farmer from whom he purchased her. Hmmm…interesting!  It occurred to me that, if I found one I liked, I could board it, and AL wouldn’t even know!   That ended up being a silly thought because, after looking at hundreds of alpacas, I immediately fell in love with WAY too many for me to ever be able to pick out only one. Obviously I would just have to have a herd!

That was the beginning ... And now, not only are we thoroughly besotted with our gorgeous, enchanting creatures, we have also found the people in the industry to be just as great as the alpacas. It is truly a fun and relaxing lifestyle.  My advice to those who are unfamiliar with Alpacas?   Give it a try for yourself ... you will be amazed at how much it will enrich your life!  LIFE IS GOOD!

Keepsake Farm Alpacas will capture your heart! 


Updated October 23, 2014