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About "Keepsake" Alpacas

Treasured forever.

We enjoy each of our alpacas every day as they all have their own special personalities. At Keepsake Farm, first and foremost we breed for temperament. Our herd is a very calm herd, so we have been told. We enjoy special time spent with our youngsters so that soon after they are weaned from the female they are easy to handle for herd health and able to start their training for the "show world." We enjoy watching them become confident and trusting alpacas, we believe the training is what fosters their confidence level. We have been blessed with raising our own crias, training them and have the pleasure of showing them in halter and fleece shows and do quite well in the ribbons.

Alpacas are ruminants with three chambered stomachs. They chew their cud and are easy keepers eating grasses, hay and small amounts of grain. A female will typically produce one baby per year, called a "cria." The gestation is 11-11.5 months. An adult female will typically weigh between 100-150 pounds, and the average male is 140-180 pounds. Equally important is their fleece and the harvest of the annual fiber on shearing day. At our Farm Boutique you will be able to view a few of the beautiful products products that are made from the fiber. The fiber is so versatile, whatever your imagination can perceive, you can create with the fiber.

Keepsake Alpacas are not only an excellent livestock investment, they are truly a joy to live with and care for. You don't need large acreage to raise alpacas as you can graze 5 to 8 animals per acre. The clean-up is easy. The alpaca consolidate their droppings (size and shape of coffee beans) in few spots in the pasture making it easy to clean and compost. Gardeners love the rich fertilizer for growing their vegetable and fruit gardens.

Alpacas are owned by individuals coming from diverse lifestyles. In fact, many people who live in the city or suburbs are able to own an alpaca by boarding it with the alpaca farmer. They bring their children and grandchildren to the farm to be involved in learning about farm life as well being involved in the feeding, training and even showing at alpaca shows. Meanwhile, their alpaca is able to live with the herd, and the farmer handles their alpaca's daily care. Some people own a share of an alpaca or adopt/lease and share accordingly in raising, showing in halter and fleece classes as well as obstacle and youth classes.

As mentioned before, we've been told by other alpaca farmers how quiet and calm our herd is. Come to Keepsake Farm and see for yourself. Call 704.843.0517 to schedule a farm visit!

Looking forward to your farm visit soon!!

Updated October 23, 2014