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Alternative to Full Ownership



The Adoption program is ideal for the  youngster or for the young at heart.  Minimum age requirement is 10 years old with no maximum limitation.  It offers you the opportunity to experience the alpaca lifestyle without the commitment of a large financial investment of ownership. Perhaps you have interest in spinning, knitting, weaving or fiber art but live in a restricted area governed by a Homeowner's Association, adoption becomes ideal. Possibly you have a youngster or teenager that absolutely loves animals, the outdoors and would enjoy learning responsibility for caring and being around the gentle alpaca.  As owners, we will help you choose the right alpaca to adopt based on your interests. However, naturally as owners we reserve the right to have final approval. The adoption sponsorship is a 12 month adoption time frame for a fee of $350 per year. At the end of the 12 month time period if you desire to re-adopt the same alpaca you may do so or you can choose a different alpaca.  The adoption sponsorship includes the following:

  • A photo of the alpaca, photo shoots with your own camera as many as you like.  
  • A copy of the registration papers showing its lineage and heritage.
  • Education about what is involved in caring for the alpaca, nutrition. immunizations, parasite control.
  • Opportunity to participate in our monthly "Herd Health Days" and annual "Shearing Day.
  • It will teach a youngster about responsibility and decision making of what the alpaca may need.
  • On shearing day you will receive 3-5 ounces of fiber for fiber art.    
  • A one-time discount of 10% on  product purchase from our farm boutique.

Leasing - Two Options (Both options will have the above opportunities with a few differences)

Option One:  This option is designed for the potential alpaca farmer to truly experience first hand and be fully prepared after 12 months to understand the commitment needed for developing a full fledged farm and the responsibility for owning a herd of alpaca livestock. Choose an alpaca and participate in the decision of whether to show the animal in a Halter/Fleece show or in a Spin Off or Fleece only competition.  Be involved in the breeding decisions for the leased alpaca.  Be involved in herd management and much more.  This Option Fee is $900 for the year and additional benefits you will receive are:

  • Participation in education of alpaca farming, herd management.
  • Participate in herd health days, annual shearing day, any events held at farm
  • ENTIRE fleece of shorn alpaca
  • Discount of 10% on any alpaca products for entire year.
  • If an alpaca purchase is made a 50% credit of lease money paid will be deducted from purchase price.

Option Two: This option is designed to assist an existing alpaca farmer or a potential alpaca farmer to lease a female without owning the female but for the purpose of breeding to own the cria.  This option becomes a "customized lease" based on the desires and needs of the person leasing the female alpaca.  You will own the cria, (if you have interest) you may have the opportunity to own the dam within 30 days of the birth of cria at a pre-agreed upon price.  If owner of the dam desires to re-breed the female, it is customary for the new breeding to occur 28-30 days after birth of cria.  You will receive 60 days free complimentary board for the cria and have opportunity to board the animal(s) at Keepsake Farm after expiration of complimentary board or your decision to own the dam. The lease fee and any and all fees related to leasing/boarding will be agreed upon prior to the beginning of the lease.

Updated October 23, 2014